My name is Thomas Owens.

I'm originally from Rome, New York. I lived there until I went to school at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York. I graduated in May 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering and minors in Management and Communication, and completed two co-ops and a few summer internships along the way.

After graduation, I moved to New England, first to Nashua, New Hampshire and to Cambridge, Massachusetts, to work as a software engineer at UTC Aerospace Systems (now Collins Aerospace) in Westford, Massachusetts. I was involved in the complete software development life cycle, from requirements engineering through deployment and maintenance as well as heavily involved on the Engineering Process Group and in continuous improvement.

In June 2016, I joined DrugDev as a software engineer, primarily working on the design, development, and test of the DrugDev Spark platform for clinical trial management, but also as a Scrum Master for a feature team including software engineering, quality assurance, user experience, and product management. In August 2018, I began to support the program management team with software process improvement initiatives, and transitioned to a process improvement analyst position in June 2019.

Professionally, I'm interested in software development processes, methods, and practices as well as software engineering professionalism and ethics.

Outside of work, I'm a runner, and have completed many races, from 5k to half marathon in distance. I'm also a hobbyist photographer, and I tend to enjoy not only taking photos of cityscapes and landscapes, but also processing and editing the photographs. I'm also a casual gamer, enjoying card and board games as well as some PC games. I'm an avid reader, although I've tended to read more professional development articles and books than non-fiction recently.