Licensing My Content

Shortly after I finished writing my first post, I realized that I should explicitly license the content that I post here. The primary purpose of this blog is to force myself to think through my ideas critically, make sure that they are complete and coherent, and then to get them out of my head. However, unlike other tools that I use for writing and notes, such as my Moleskine notebook or Evernote, this is visible to the public. If I'm going to put something out there, I should allow it to be used by other people. I'm not expecting a huge following or a large number of active readers, but if someone comes across a post that they think is interesting or relevant, then I would like them to be able to use it - copy, redistribute, remix, transform, or build upon my work. In exchange for this, I only want appropriate attribution.

Hello, World! Welcome to my Outboard Brain.

I've been thinking about starting to blog for a while, including tossing around some ideas for posts. But until now, I've never really sat down to write anything meaningful. I think part of the problem was that I wasn't sure if people would want to read what I have to say, or if I could keep up a reasonable cadence of writing to keep the content fresh and meaningful. However, I've read two different posts that changed my mind and helped me to find the focus and inspiration that I need.